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Best be believing in ghost stories folks!

  • Best be believing in ghost stories folks!
  • Best be believing in ghost stories folks!

So, Michael Gleason from The Age has written an article stating that he believes that the AFL’s decision for Carlton to play “too many” Frida night games was a mistake.  Others such as Gary Lyon etc. have come out and complained. So, here is my reply.

Dear Mr Gleason, Mr Lyon and others who believe Carlton have no right to play Friday night games,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the very inconvenience Carlton playing five games on a Friday night will have caused you with regard to comments, articles etc., how undeservedly you feel that this is an injustice in the world of the AFL.

In perspective, out of the Friday night games, Carlton play at the MCG just ONCE! That’s right, just the one time against an old rival, Collingwood. The other times, we play only ONE, yes ONE, home game on a Friday night, against Adelaide for the last game of the season. The other games are away games, Bulldogs at Etihad, Sydney in Sydney and St. Kilda at Etihad.  I am pretty sure that these clubs also want to be part of the “Friday night” action and even though they are playing against Carlton is really irrelevant.

The AFL has come out and stated that Carlton must progress next season in order to secure these slots. That is very true, so why are you all so upset that the AFL is giving Carlton the opportunity to do exactly what Mr Gleason wrote about in March this year, a way to re-stock their coffers in a positive way, being a rise up the ladder and a rise in their financial situation? And I think the latter is what worries you all the most.

You are just worried that maybe Carlton will prove you all wrong and become a force once more. For so long Carlton has been down in the quagmire of the AFL, floundering and now, slowly and with a coach and a list manager, that is endeavoring to make Carlton great again, this worries you all.

Just to put things into a little bit of perspective, maybe you should look at attendance figures. In the top 10, Carlton featured twice, against other larger supported clubs, Richmond and Collingwood.  Melbourne featured twice, against Richmond and Collingwood. Further down, Carlton featured twice, again playing top supported clubs, Essendon and Richmond, Melbourne did not feature again. Carlton featured once in the lowest number of attendances, against Gold Coast in the Gold Coast, Melbourne featured twice, NM twice. 

Bring it on people! BRING IT ON! Let it be known that every Carlton supporter will take note of what you have said, will have made mental notes on your distaste for Carlton and the fact that the AFL has backed the club in 2018 in their rise. There is nothing wrong with this, so stop acting like petulant children and accept what has been done. 

It is up to the other clubs to show that the AFL was wrong and Carlton to show that the AFL was right. Carlton now goes from being a club that others felt sorry for, to a club that is now hated again. Are you scared? Do the stories of Carlton’s past frighten you?  Do the ghosts of past glory scare you that you are worried about future possibilities? Well in the words of Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean (and altered a bit), “For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea [....]. You best start believing in ghost stories, People... you're in one!”

Yours sincerely,

Proud Carlton Supporter & Member!

P.S Contrary to some who have posted on various sporting websites, Carlton supporters are NOT embarrassed about the draw and where and when we play!  Geez!

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