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Upping Your Fitness Game in 2018

  • Upping Your Fitness Game in 2018

There’s a difference between a gym enthusiast and a fitness freak, and if you consider yourself an aspiring member of the latter group, you’re going to need help upping your fitness game in the coming months of 2018. You might have been seeing awesome fitness results, but now you want more – you want not only to stay in shape, but actually up your game a step further. Well, if you want to really get to the next level, you better read on!

Cardio-strength combo

Every wannabe weightlifter shivers at the sheer mention of the word “aerobic”, and they couldn’t be more wrong, because every experienced gym rat knows the importance of combining aerobic and resistance training. The main trick here is to perform active rest during workouts – short bursts of cardio during rest periods in between exercises and even exercise sets. This is awesome because it will save you time, while giving you more efficient results; for example, instead of setting aside 15 minutes of your workout for cardio, use the rest periods for explosive 30-60 second cardio bursts.

This will keep your heart rate elevated and help you burn more calories, while increasing flexibility and helping you build bigger and, more importantly, stronger muscles! Jumping rope, box jumps, broad jumps, tuck jumps, even jumping jacks are ideal for these active rest periods.

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I won’t even bother to mention the already overused (yet so true) gym saying – you already know what I’m talking about. Look, I know that showing off your guns, abs and pecks feels awesome, but you really need to start paying attention to your legs too if you haven’t so far. It is a sad fact that the vast majority of people, especially guys, don’t train legs enough, or even at all!

Do you know how fat loss works? Well, skipping all the expert talk, it boils down to your blood flow increasing, so that your muscles can get more oxygen. The bigger the muscle – the more oxygen it needs. The sheer amount of muscles in our legs, accompanied with the fact that leg day activates the largest muscles in the human body (gluteus maximus, quads) means that a huge portion of weight loss revolves around the leg muscles.

So yeah, don’t skip it!

Failure is an awesome option

Yep, you read it right! Failure is actually an awesome thing! How come? Well, in addition to boosting your self-confidence and teaching you that you should never be ashamed of yourself, there is no such thing as “a failed rep”. It’s all quite simple; an incomplete set means that you have absolutely outdone yourself. If you still don’t get the logic behind this, let me be blunt: you’ve pushed it to the limit, cue “Eye of the Tiger”, celebrate!

The fear of failure and ridicule will keep you forever locked inside your own comfort zone – your weakest lifts are the ones that help you the most!

Switch things up

On the subject of getting out of your comfort zone, let’s explore this possibility. Whatever skill you might be looking to improve, whenever you find yourself in a rut, or approaching your current plateau, there is one thing that can help you: reaching out and expanding your skill set. For example, if you’re feeling like you’re losing motivation, try working out in groups; experienced trainers such as MPT Transformations offer tweakable group cardio fitness sessions that will help you make the most out of your workout.

If you’ve been doing a ton of weightlifting recently, try focusing on the cardio aspect of your workout. The bottom line is that you should never be afraid of spicing things up by changing them up every once in a while, as this can really help you step up your fitness game!

Are you ready to reach for the next level of fitness? Are you prepared to perform crazy workouts with little rest? Do you want to finally focus on your legs? Well, you might just be ready for taking a huge step into the world of top-notch fitness! Don’t be afraid of failure and switching things up – this will help you reach further and further!

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